MyCounselor.Online is an online Christian counseling center focused on providing patients with high quality care. The Columbia counselor is Melissa Abello, who obtained her Masters in Counseling from Stephens College. Abello is skilled in dealing with marriage or family issues, anxiety, depression, addiction, and more. MyCounselor.Online focuses on counseling from a Christian perspective, and patients say it has changed their lives. MyCounselor.Online works with a variety of insurance plans. Patients can select in person counseling or online depending on their preference, sessions are available online or over the phone Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., each session lasting for 45 minutes. “I’m passionate about helping families thrive through counseling. Whether your kids are struggling with problems at home, school, or with peers, or if you’re dealing with conflicts caused by divorce or blended family relationships, I’m here to help you overcome these challenges,” Abello says.

Location: 3100 Pioneer Dr.
Contact: 573-722-2132

Roo Storage is a neighborhood friendly online platform that connects those with available space in their home such as a garage, spare bedroom, or basement to those in need of storage. Roo Storage allows those with the space to passively earn income with little to no time hindrance and those who are seeking storage can find it for an affordable rate – right down the street. Roo Storage was created by Eric Laurent and Jake Hurrell, former MU football players; Kristin Rivers, a former MU soccer player; and Pravin Sivabalan. Laurent ran into a problem regarding his own storage issues, “I needed to have all of my stuff moved out of my current apartment but couldn’t move into my new place for another couple of weeks,” he says. “Plenty of people have an open garage, basement, or spare room from which they could easily make additional income. They simply need a way to connect with those who require storage. Roo Storage offers the perfect solution for both sides of the equation.”

Facebook: /RooStorage
Instagram: @roostorage

ESI Communications

ESI Communications specializes in telecommunications and security systems for both commercial businesses and residential clients. ESI is a hosted phone system provider under its sister company Advanced Technology & Consulting and provides top security protection for both commercial and residential clients. ESI has a team of technicians to install new systems, a customer service and support systems team, tech support, and a sales department. Owner Ben Alcorn says they take pride in their work and their customers. “We offer quality work at a quality price and make sure the customer is happy,” he says. “Service with a smile and honesty, once it’s installed, it’s not like you never hear from us again. We continue to provide service and follow up to make sure you’re satisfied after the initial sale. We like to focus on the personalized touch.” Alcorn and the rest of the ESI Communications team pride themselves on post-sales services as a main component of their reputation.

Location: 1000 W. Nifong Blvd. #120
Contact: 573-818-6330

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