Job description:

Executive responsibility currently overseeing accounting, human resources, Shelter Life Insurance Company, and a property and casualty subsidiary, Haulers Insurance Company, based in Columbia, Tennesee.


Years lived in Columbia/Mid-Missouri:

All of them!


Original hometown:




Product of the Columbia Public School system and graduate of Hickman High School. I got a Bachelor of Science in accountancy from MU, and I’m a CPA.


Favorite volunteer/community activity:

The Heart of Missouri United Way serves many needs in the community and brings various services together to make the whole much greater than the sum of the parts. I’ve been involved with the Heart of Missouri United Way in various capacities, starting as a donor in 1987. I’ve participated in many Days of Caring, was a loaned executive in 1992, and served on various committees and the board of directors. My current service as the president of the board continues to open my eyes to the needs of the community and the great people who work tirelessly to fill those needs.


Professional background:

Thirty-four years at Shelter: internal auditor; various operational management roles; vice president and general manager of Shelter Life Insurance Company; and executive vice president since 2012.


A Columbia businessperson I admire and why:

Teresa Maledy, at Commerce Bank, has an incredible talent for bringing people together for a common good. She shares her passion and moves it into action.


Why I’m passionate about my job:

The insurance industry helps customers recover when they experience certain losses, many of which are once-in-a-lifetime events that can be personally traumatic. Our work is to fulfill our promise whenever those things happen. Delivering personal customer service is what it is all about.


Greatest strength:

Although I’m not a great cook, I do get requests for my green beans and pecan pie.


Greatest weakness:


Why I’m passionate about my company:

Shelter is a stable, secure, socially responsible organization. We are committed to our policyholders, and customer service is our core competency. The responsibility to our employees in providing them a safe, efficient work environment and a means for providing for their families is critical to our success. Shelter is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate and we encourage our employees to volunteer and contribute in positive ways.


Accomplishment I’m most proud of:

Raising two great young ladies.


The next challenge facing my industry:

To pick just one, I’d say technology (known in the industry as ‘insurtech’). Integrating appropriate technology to improve efficiency in multiple areas without sacrificing personal service will be an important consideration going forward.


Favorite place in Columbia:

Home with family.


What people should know about this profession:

Often people think only of sales careers when they hear ‘insurance,’ but there are a variety of career opportunities in the insurance industry and needed skill sets. The insurance industry requires nearly every profession in order to operate.

If I weren’t doing this for a living, I would:

Probably be a practicing CPA, most likely in the tax arena. Early in my career, I also worked tax prep season . . . for fun!


Biggest lesson learned in business:

Employees are our greatest asset — the people are your brand, your product, your service. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the business.


What I do for fun:

Enjoy family time at the lake.


How I’d like to impact the Columbia community:

Shelter Insurance is a premier employer for Columbia serving as a strong, dependable support for this thriving community. I believe maintaining and strengthening this reputation will help encourage other businesses to make Columbia home and continue to build a stable environment for future generations.



Married to Mike for 28 years. We have two daughters.


Most people don’t know that:

I’m a Boone baby.


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