Jared and Nikki Reynolds

Jared and Nikki Reynolds

Jared W. Reynolds

Partner and Co-Founder, Wilkerson & Reynolds Wealth Management

Nikki Reynolds

Owner and Director, End of the Rainbow Child Development Center

AGE: We’re both 31.

YEARS LIVED IN COLUMBIA: Jared: 13; Nikki: 11

ORIGINAL HOMETOWN: Jared: Warsaw, Mo. Nikki: St. Charles, Mo.

EDUCATION: Jared: Bachelor’s degree in personal finance from MU (May 2002), Certified Financial Planner (June 2005). Nikki: Bachelor’s degree in business administration with emphases on early childhood and criminal justice.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Jared: I manage the finances for a limited number of clients. Nikki: I provide a safe and secure environment for 139 children and oversee 35 staff members, maintain a high-quality relationship with all of the parents, do the daily bookkeeping and give tours for prospective families.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Jared: Board of directors for the Rainbow House, Columbia Chamber of Commerce, alumni advisory board for Kappa Alpha Order Fraternity, past president of the Mid-Missouri Estate Planning Council. I’m also a donor and actively involved in the local Boy Scouts and Ducks Unlimited chapters. Nikki: Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Network, Columbia Multi Sport Club and currently working with Rainbow House. We have our school-age children volunteer at the Central Missouri Food Bank, and we participate yearly in the MDA Trike-a-thon.

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: Jared: Worked with residential rental properties, helped Nikki buy and expand the preschool, formed a partnership and set up our office and bought commercial properties. Nikki: I’ve worked at End of the Rainbow for 10 years. I started part-time in college and then became a full-time teacher and the assistant director before purchasing the center in 2005.

A COLUMBIA BUSINESSPERSON I ADMIRE AND WHY: Jared: Larry Potterfield. To me Larry exemplifies what it is to be truly successful. Yes, there is the business and financial side of success, but I’m talking about the giving side. I think you can tell a lot about a person’s character by how much they are willing to give back not only to their community but also to their passions and the next generation. Nikki: I admire all of the small-business owners for the long hours and hard work they all are putting in during these tough economic times.

WHY I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT MY JOB: Jared: I am a problem solver by nature. I love helping people. The amount of work and time put into a case is sometimes like unveiling a masterpiece. Nikki: I’ve always loved children. Having my own center is a lifelong dream. I also love being my own boss.

IF I WEREN’T DOING THIS FOR A LIVING, I WOULD… Jared: Probably start businesses dealing in the hunting and fishing industries. Nikki: Be on a beach somewhere.

BIGGEST CAREER OBSTACLE I’VE OVERCOME AND HOW: Jared: Making it in the financial advising business through two of the worst bear markets. Nikki: Expanding the main facility during our first expansion while still remaining open for business.

A FAVORITE RECENT PROJECT: Jared: Purchasing Grindstone Village and expanding the preschool. We now are expanding our office in The Insurance Group Building. Nikki: Our second expansion for the school-age children. We were able to move them to our new building and provide them with the space they need. We are also in the process of adding a gross motor skill room for the children. This will allow them to have a room to get energy out when it is rainy, too cold or hot outside.

FAMILY: We met in college in 2000 and have been married for six years. We have two sons: Brody is 3, and Gavin is 6 months old. Nikki’s mother also lives in Columbia.

WHAT TACTICS DO YOU USE TO BALANCE WORKPLACE AND FAMILY DEMANDS: Jared: Lots of vacation and time in the outdoors. Nikki: I have a very flexible work schedule that allows me to spend time with our children. We spend lots of family weekends together, and of course my kids are at work with me every day. If I am having a bad day and need a hug, all I have to do is walk to their class to get one.

WHAT WE DO FOR FUN: Jared: We travel, work out, go to MU football games and spend time at our family resort on Truman Lake, Osage Bluff Marina. Nikki: I also play a lot of soccer, swim, bike and run.

FAVORITE PLACE IN COLUMBIA: Jared: Optimus Center for Health. I love being able to walk downstairs and work out. Nikki: Murry’s and Sophia’s to eat, a field to play soccer.

ACCOMPLISHMENT I’M MOST PROUD OF: Jared: Landing a great bride and the birth of my two children. Nikki: Owning my own center and recently winning the SBA Regional Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT I: Jared: Have lived through my house being destroyed by a tornado when I was in middle school. The roof was literally ripped off my bedroom. Nikki: Am pregnant — again!

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