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January 2013

Will Dodd-Frank Kill Small Banks?

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 4.57.05 PM
January 01, 2013  BY Jim Muench

Local bankers fear the Dodd-Frank law passed in 2010 will hasten the demise of small banks and lead to the “Walmartization” of consumer banking....

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December 2012

Filling the Gap

December 07, 2012  BY Jim Muench

WITH LESS THAN TWO MONTH before the main deadline in the deal that brought IBM to Columbia, the company so far is 142 jobs...

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March 2012

Hiring veterans

American Flag
March 29, 2012  BY Jim Muench

Eight Columbia companies receive Flag of Freedom Award

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August 2011

Rising demand for civil engineers not translating into jobs

August 05, 2011  BY Jim Muench

The dire need to repair the nation’s infrastructure appears to be at cross purposes with the need to refurbish government budgets, at least in...

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July 2011

High school students snag unusual summer jobs

July 22, 2011  BY Jim Muench

Even in a tight job market, some local high school students and recent high school graduates have found interesting summer work. Perhaps the most...

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Summer business event provides teachable moments for teens

July 22, 2011  BY Jim Muench

Missouri Business Week

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June 2011

Bankers say tellers aren’t obsolete

June 24, 2011  BY Jim Muench


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May 2011

Songbird Station wins Small Business of the Year

May 13, 2011  BY Jim Muench

Small Business of the Year

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February 2011

Chamber Showcase features marketing expert

February 18, 2011  BY Jim Muench

Self-marketing guru Jeff Beals will be the keynote speaker at the annual Columbia Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase on March 15 at the Holiday...

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August 2010

Kumon Math and Reading Center: A long-term investment in student success

August 20, 2010  BY Jim Muench

Originally, Manjula Narasimhan just wanted to keep her daughter occupied. Now, the after-school teaching program she used with her daughter has become so popular...

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