We all know the big risks to your home stay mostly the same through spring, summer, and fall: high winds, tornadoes, and water damage from heavy rains. There is, however, one risk that’s easy to overlook in autumn: clogged gutters. Falling leaves are fun when you can rake them up into a pile and watch the kids jump into them. They’re less fun when they pile up in your gutters and backup rain into your home. This type of damage isn’t usually covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy, so it’s a good idea to clear out those leaves regularly.

Just like you keep up maintenance with these seasonal risks to your home, it’s important to keep your insurance policy up to date as well — coverage gaps are more likely to appear because the customers’ needs change than because of the weather.

Homes should always be insured for worst-case scenarios, which means enough to cover the full value of the house. If you’ve made some improvements to your home — a finished basement or a new addition, for example — you need to update your policy to reflect that increased value. Same thing goes for the things inside your home too. Keep a detailed list of your valued belongings and make sure your policy can cover their replacements should the worst happen.

At Stephanie Wilmsmeyer State Farm, we pride ourselves on our relationships with clients.  When you file an insurance claim, you’re in a vulnerable spot. You can trust us to have your best interests at heart because we get to know you and your family; when you make those big life changes that require a tweaking of your policy, we’ve already started the conversation.

Our clients aren’t entries on a spreadsheet; they’re our friends. If you need to file a claim,  whether its from a tornado or a flooded basement, we’re in your corner.


Stephanie Wilmsmeyer is the owner of Stephanie Wilmsmeyer State Farm. You can reach her at 573-445-5774.


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