This information appeared in the June 2017 issue as part of the story “Get the Deal Done”


Going through the Process

Companies going through the site selection process have to meticulously weigh costs and benefits between dozens of different communities. It can get complicated.

Source: Area Development magazine survey, 2016



Time needed for information gathering

3-6 months: 7%

6-12 months: 21%

1-2 years: 49%

More than 2 years: 24%


Number of locations or economic development organizations making “the short list”

1-5: 93%

5-10: 4%

More than 10: 3%


Number of locations visited before finalizing the location decision

1 or 2: 28%

Up to 5: 60%

More than 5: 12%



Looking for a Match

The top 10 community factors for site selectors considering investment. The numbers are what percentage of respondents deemed the factor “very important” or “important.”

Source: Area Development magazine survey, 2016



100% Availability of skilled labor

98.7% Highway accessibility

95.8% Labor costs

95.8% Proximity to major markets

95.8% State and local incentives

95.8% Available land

95.8% Tax exemptions

93% Energy availability and costs

93% Proximity to suppliers

91.7% Training programs/technical schools

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