Mac Daddy Lyfts

Mac Daddy Lyfts is a golf cart shuttle service that takes people through downtown Columbia, MU’s campus and parts of East Campus for free. Mac Daddy Lyfts operates on Wednesday through Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. and on mornings before MU home football games. The shuttle can also be booked for special events. The owner of Mac Daddy Lyfts, David McDonald, came up with this idea when he saw a similar business in Scottsdale, Arizona and thought the idea would be a perfect fit for Columbia’s active downtown and student population. Although the service is free, drivers accept and appreciate tips.

Contact: David McDonald, 573-289-4666

AllianZ Consulting Solutions

AllianZ Consulting Solutions is a consulting firm that represents its clients in negotiations with credit card processors. The company works with clients and credit card companies to remove rates and fees for small business owners. AllianZ can help a client renegotiate fees with a current provider or find a new service provider. Past clients of AllianZ include Pizza Tree, The Shot Bar, Room 38 and Bangkok Gardens. “Our service is a win-win situation for businesses,” co-owner Brendan Coughlin says. “We get paid based on total savings for the client, so it is 100 percent in our best interest to get our clients the best deal possible.”

Contact: Brendan Coughlin, 314-650-3173, and Michael McHenry, 816-582-7475

The Big Cheeze

The Big Cheeze is a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich food truck, spelled with a “z” in recognition of Mizzou. This food truck carries six different kinds of cheese; freshly baked bread from The Upper Crust; and hot tomato soup. The prices range from $6 to $8. Owners Tim and Beth Mallory came up with the idea after visiting a food truck in Nashville that was selling grilled cheese sandwiches. The Big Cheeze is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and its location varies daily. Location updates are available on Twitter @the_bigcheeze.

Contact: Tim and Beth Mallory,


Kia of Columbia

Kia of Columbia, located at 710 Business Loop 70 W, opened in Sept. 2015, having previously been Head Kia. The dealership offers a lifetime warranty and one year of free maintenance on new Kias. Kia of Columbia also offers a locating system that allows them to find special vehicles for customers from all over the United States. Recently, Kia of Columbia started a program with Rock Bridge and Hickman high schools to help them raise $10,000 for their music programs, with each school receiving 1,000 certificates to sell for $10 each. The schools keep the money raised and Kia of Columbia donates oil changes.

Contact: Dan Kellar, 573-442-9200

The Wolf’s Head Tavern

The Wolf’s Head Tavern, located at 201 N. Tenth St., is a new Irish pub downtown, a venture from former Trey Bistro owner Trey Quinlan and partners Boen Quinlan and Aaron Warren. Warren says, “We wanted to have a bar with really good food, as opposed to a restaurant with a nice bar.” The Wolf’s Head features menu items such as corned beef cabbage rolls, as well as traditional pub food such as pizza, chicken wings and sandwiches. The restaurant also serves brunch and dessert.

Contact: Aaron Warren, 573-808-7202

Brain Balance Center of Columbia

The Brain Balance Center’s franchisees, Carolyn and Todd Pridemore, know firsthand what it’s like to raise a child struggling with learning and behavioral issues. The Brain Balance Center of Columbia, located at 2703 E Broadway, Suite 224, helps children overcome ADHD, learning disabilities, Asperger’s syndrome and other developmental issues. The center offers a brain balance program, which uses sensory motor training, stimulation and cognitive activities, matched with nutritional and dietary guidelines, to help students.

Contact: Carolyn and Todd Pridemore,

573-808-4826 CBT

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