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Prom Themes: A popular trend for event themes is prom. We can all remember our high school proms with the streamers, cover bands, photo-ops and revelry, but did you ever think you would get to experience them again? Many benefits, galas and kick-off parties lend themselves seamlessly to an episode from our teen years.

Customizable Photo Booths: Not sure how to spice up your event and ensure that guests leave with something they will treasure forever. A customizable photo booth, inside and out, can make a unique and lasting impression. You can create an innovative backdrop on the inside and decorate the outside to match your event theme.

The Science of a Good Cocktail: We all know the foundation for a good cocktail is exciting flavors and unique textures blended and presented in an eye-catching way. Modern mixology is taking it one step beyond by adding a bit of science. Components, such as liquid nitrogen, alginates and calcium chloride, mixed with a classic cocktail create concoctions, such as mojito orbs served on spoons, blue Hawaiis that erupt like volcanoes and mini champagne pearls—delicious and impressive!


The second annual Roots’ N Blues’ N BBQ Festival

When: Oct. 3 from 3 to 10 p.m. and Oct. 4 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Where: Downtown Columbia
Why: To bring an eclectic mix of music, including jazz, folk, funk, blues and so much more to Columbia and to have great food and fun that everyone can enjoy.
Cost: Free to the public.  But if you’d like more access, more music and more barbecue, you can purchase the Whole Hog pass online.
Details: Last year’s festival drew over 65,000 people to downtown Columbia for great food, incredible music and fun with loved ones. This year’s festival promises to surpass last year’s in attendance and caliber. The barbecue contest is again a Kansas City Barbeque Society State BBQ Championship. There will be three stages with music playing at each. Blues Bucks will not be a part of this year’s festival, and the available fare will be extensive and mouthwatering.
More Info:
Anticipation Rating: 9/10—The hype is there; now let’s hope it delivers.

The first annual Roots’ N Blues’ N BBQ Festival

The first annual Roots’ N Blues’ N BBQ Festival

  1. Roctoberfest — Sept. 25 to 28 at the Midway Expo Center
  2. 49th Annual Boone County Art Show — Sept. 27 to 28 at Boone County National Bank
  3. Starlight Bike Ramble — Sept. 27 at the YouZeum
  4. Wilson’s Half Marathon Challenge — Oct. 5 at Peace Park
  5. Itzhak Perlman — Oct. 6 at Jesse Hall

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